Stealth Recorder Pro

Stealth Recorder Pro

Program to stealthily record and upload sounds to internet

Stealth Recorder Pro is an innovative Windows based program that can enable users to record various sounds and transfer them to the Internet without leaving any trace of their origin.

This program can record and upload various sound file formats such as WMA, MP3, and WAVE files. Since the program can record and transfer files to internet emails and FTP servers unobtrusively, users can transfer contents of conference or lecture transcripts easily and quickly.

Stealth Recorder Pro can be configured and then controlled from a remote location through a web browser or handheld computers. Also, users can set predefined time schedules for starting and ending time for recording in order to schedule a recording session.

Stealth Recorder Pro can also make a pause in recording when there is no sound detected, and resumes again when sounds, music, and even noise are heard.

It also features a volume booster that can enhance the sound volume for a PC microphone. In short, Stealth Recorder Pro is a useful solution for any user who needs to record sounds or music and transfer them to the Internet quickly and stealthily.